Christmas Cards | 2016

Inevitable Inconvenience Meets Mounting Excitement

My first series of six Christmas cards is finished and ready to send to the printers. I hope you like them!
They were a lot of fun to create. I enjoyed taking the sweet and cozy imagery of traditional Christmas cards, and introducing a wry, comic twist to the scene when the reader opens the card.
Most Christmas cards, if they aren’t outright irreverent, tend to be decorative in design.
My intent was to straddle that line, with small narratives in each card expressing both the excitement of the holiday season and the inevitable inconveniences of celebrating it. I tried to capture that tension between the joy and stress that accompanies every Christmas.
Even the design of the cards connects to that goal. I filled the front, inside, and backs with playful images meant to bring smiles to the recipient’s face while relieving the sender of any obligation to fill a blank card. My personal extra flourish is the little black and white ‘extra’ image on the back of each card, completing the narrative experience.
These cards are 5×10” with red envelopes. 



Early Sketches:

Inked Images:

Early Watercolour:


Details and Finishing Touches:

Finals with text:

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