Back in Black | Inktober 2016

Inktober, created in 2009 by artist Jake Parker, is a month-long drawing challenge where artists around the world draw one drawing per day for the entirety of October, and their sole limitation is that they use ink.

This is my first year attempting this drawing marathon. To help myself maintain interest throughout the month, I broke it down into smaller projects within the 31 days. Starting out with some free-style drawings, I then did a week drawing a comic page a day about an immortal cowboy riding a resurrected t-rex skeleton (why?), closing off the month with thirteen drawings based on James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

Personally I found the first two weeks were easy. I sketched the base for each drawing the night before so that there was no pressure in figuring out what I was going to ink the next day. After the comic pages it became more difficult. In taking on the design challenge of drawing from a text I had to add time to read the next chapter, sketch concepts, do research, and ink. I also expected more from those drawings. I wanted them to be illustrations – something I could add to my portfolio- so for those ones it would often take an hour to research and sketch, half an hour to sketch, and another hour to ink (more with the centipede).

Around week three I hit a point where the excitement had worn off. It stopped feeling like a race. What was surprising was that, even without the excitement, it was actually easier to sit down at my drawing table and get to work. At that point it had become part of my routine.